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Purbeck Candles 2012 - 2022 - 10 years Old This Year Anniversary Competition

How to Create a Scent

The title - This is where you come in, we are going to create a new summer blend to celebrate our 10 year anniversary and we want you to come up with the name. Each Scent we create begins with a name - the Name starts the process, let's say I want to create something based in nature - say a woodland walk in autumn. Lets call this scent 'Autumnal Walk' We have a name - now we make a mood board:-

Trees in a forest, maybe some evergreens, no I’m thinking more English wood, so mulchy leaves underfoot, dappled light, moss and an underlying earthy smell.

I am quite a visual person so I like to work with words and pictures so I start with my autumn trees and red and golden leaves, then maybe a bonfire or log fire in a cosy cottage in the middle of the woods, abandoned wellies, hat & scarf on a chair, you can see where I’m going, then I start to think about the smells in the wood, damp, woody, earthy with a hint of moss, I then add a touch of smoke. Then I start to build from the base up, I want a woody mossy slightly astringent base with soft cedar or sandalwood heart but I want my top note to be green, not too fresh more mulchy - This is where the fun starts, I begin to blend each section of the fragrance until I’m happy, finally combining the top, middle and base sections until I have my finished blend, sounds easy doesn’t it but I can assure you, this process can take weeks sometimes months until I am completely happy.

So this summer I will be creating a brand new blend to celebrate our 10 year anniversary and I’m looking for a name for this new scent - so please email me your ideas, something that shouts summer, happiness, freedom. The winning shoe come up with the best name will receive a candle and diffuser in the new blend which should be available spring time. So please get emailing, we need your ideas before the end of Feb....



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