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Scentscaping, The use of Fragrance to create different zones within your home.

First conceived back in 2020 when we were spending more time living and working at home, we looked for ways to separate zones of our homes and sometimes the simplest way was to place a candle on your desk. It was during this time I began work on Purbeck Candles 'Beautiful Spaces Range' I didn't realise back then that I was creating one of the first scentscaping ranges. I was simply inspired to create specific fragrances for different rooms in my home.

The idea of scentscaping or zoning is to build layers of fragrance that not only creates a particular aesthitic but that is also therapeutically beneficial. Recent studys have shown that fragrance is instrumental in the maintenance of wellbeing and that blends that we associate with nature have a positive effect on mental health, helping to re kindle happy memories.

If you fancy trying to scent scape some areas / zones of your home, firstly think about the function of the room, what do you want to achieve? What time of the day are you more likely to use this room, ie, the bedroom is probably a space where you want to feel relaxed, to begin to calm down ready for sleep, so blends that include cedar and lavender are perfect. Whereas the kitchen is often the first room we use in the morning and we may want this area to be uplifting and invigorating, focussing on zingy citrus and herbaceous notes. You may find you are already scentscaping without realising, I always have either a Spa Days or Pamper Candle in my bathroom, which is lit when I run a relaxing indulgent bath, but alongside the candle I always have a reed diffuser of the same fragrance permanently in the room so that I get a hit of my favourite scent as soon as I open the door. So don't only think of using candles, the idea is to layer up the scent with diffusers, wax melts etc. Some people like to layer up different blends but personally I tend to stick to one blend per zone as I find mixing too may scents can become overpowering if not done right.

Finally and I think one of the most important areas of the home is the entrance hall or stairway, this is the area that invites in your guests and it is the perfect zone for creating a signature blend that your guests will come to associate with you and your hospitality. What a great way to inspire special memories that they will always link with you and your inviting home.

Enjoy experimenting x

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