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The Difference Between a Synthetic Fragrance and a Natural Home Fragrance

With the arrival of spring, we are looking for fresh uplifting blends that will gently roll around our homes and bring a sense of optimism. I have swapped out my hygge, cosy blends for a more fresh invigorating scent. I've opted for Blend No. 3 To Inspire from our Aromatherapy Range. This has often been one of my go to blends at this time of year, it is light and slightly floral but it still has some depth, I'm not quite ready for those really fresh zingy scents of summer yet, I wanted a gentle transition from earthy woody notes to a slightly sweeter one, but that's purely my own preference and I am lucky to have an entire essential oil range of products to choose from 😊


I was trying to explain to someone this week the difference between synthetic fragrance and natural essential oil blends. I don't mean the obvious health and environmental differences but the actual experience of smelling a candle made with essential oils as opposed to a man-made fragrance. I tried to make them imagine two horizontal wavy lines, the top line is a synthetic fragrance which has sharp peaks and troughs, while the bottom line is an essential oil blend, this line gently rolls up and down, the highs are the top notes and the lows are the base notes, both lines can have equally high and low waves but the essential oil blend is softer and rounded and doesn't have those spiky lingering notes that you find in a synthetic fragrance. I'm not sure they fully understood my analogy but if you get the chance have a go yourself and see if you can tell the difference…



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