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Finding a Summer Signature Scent for your home

Being a fragrance junky, I have in the past overloaded my home with multiple scents,

a different fragrance in the bathroom, something fresh to neutralise kitchen smells and always a more comforting, rich inviting scent in my entertaining areas, no specific theme just what ever I love at the time, usually multiple fragrances all clashing and competing for centre stage. However in recent months I have finally found a sense of restraint and focused on just one signature scent for my entire home (with the exception of the downstairs wc, but I'll come to that later) and I have to say, I get far more complements, visitors now comment on the beautiful fragrance of my home. Oh, they say, your house always smells incredible, please suggest a fragrance that would do the same for my house, or why does your house always smell so good, (at this point I usually remind them what I do for a living!) This is where the downstairs toilet may sometimes clash with the general ambience of my house, when a guest forgets that I create all natural home fragrances for a living and decides to buy me a candle from another brand, they are placed in downstairs WC or what we like to call, the place 'other' candles go to die 😂 please be assured, I keep this door closed at all times.

Choosing a fragrance that will work across all areas is completely down to personal taste, I might consider the time of year, working with fresh or floral blends feels more summery but this is just a suggestion, the most important thing is that the blend is inviting and above all you love it. At the moment I have opted for Blend No. 3 to Inspire, from our Aromatherapy Range but I know as Autumn draws in I will move over to something slightly more earthy and warming, so watch this space....



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