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Fine Fragrance for the Home

Developing natural home fragrances is my absolute favourite past time. I begin with an idea; I create a mood board in my mind and the picture starts to take shape.

Recently I completed four fragrances for our new range, Beautiful Spaces. The first blend began as a simple idea, I wanted to feel warm and cosy, so I imagined myself snuggled under a cashmere throw on a deep, soft leather sofa infront of a roaring, crackling log fire. A mug of rich fragrant coffee in hand and a book within easy reach. Darkness envelopes the house but I have a soft warm lamp producing just enough light to read by. Now how would that vision manifest as fragrance ?

Let’s start with the fire, this is going to be the heart of this fragrance, I want wood and moss and a little hint of smoke. The journey begins….



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