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Any Excuse to gift something special

Mothers Day, Easter, A friends Birthday or simply to say Thank you, finding something a bit special is what makes the act of giving such a pleasure, it shouldn't be about the value as much as the careful selection of the gift that shows the thought and effort that has gone into it.

Now obviously I'm biased and for me there is no finer gift than the pleasure derived from scent. What we smell are the molecules that are emitted from the things around us, a rose releases molecules, a bon fire emits molecules, everything around us releases these molecules that become airborne and then some of these we inhale. These odor molecules eventually reach the millions of neurons that make up our olfactory receptors, these receptors send signals to the brain and tells us, yes that is a rose or that is a bon fire. Perfume is made up of a multiple of odor molecules that our brain combines. When we smell something for the first time this incredible system transmits a smell memory to the brain so that when we come into contact with that same smell it can can trigger an emotion. What an amazing gift to give, the power of beautiful natural scent that will bring joy not once but over and over again 😊



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