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The inspiration for this range came from the Greek Gods of the Wind; mighty and majestic. Four fragrances created by Phaedra to conjure up the essence of the direction the winds have travelled. Eurus, The East Wind came from a rich spicy land where cardamon and coriander blend with zingy lemongrass and ginger, fresh and invigorating. Notus brings a soft breeze from the South, rosemary & eucalyptus with a rich floral heart, a hint of warmer days. While Zephry the mighty West Wind is sharper, a bright fresh blend of lavender and cedar with a hint of floral and the sweet scent of citrus fruit. Last but not least, Boreas, The wind of the North, fresh pine notes sing happily with warmer mossy wood tones, a perfect blend for cosy nights in front of a roaring fire. 

Reed Diffusers
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